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Welcome to Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic Reviews

Very friendly service. Looking forward to my next visit.

~Helen B.

Very pleased with the first session. Felt immediately at ease by all the staff. Very good clear explanations from Craig. Left feeling very positive. Felt even more positive the following day. I felt an improvement very quickly and am hopeful that my progress will continue to the stage where I will not need invasive treatment.

~Linda H.

You have a very welcoming practice, clearly showing concern for your clients. I would certainly recommend your services.

~Sally B.

I decided to try chiropractic treatment after suffering with lower back pain for approximately 20 years. It was recommended to me by my mother who had also attended this clinic. I had tried physiotherapy and Pilates before this but neither had really given me much relief. It took about 2 weeks for me to notice any improvement and it has been a steady improvement since then. I am still undergoing treatment but I get better every time. The exercises I have been given also help me a lot and help me to take some control of my own treatment. I have recommended friends and family to Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic already and would not hesitate to recommend more.

~ Miss D.

I had been struggling with back pain for several years and just got on with it. Eventually I decided that I needed some help and found Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic on the Internet. It took a few months to notice any real improvement in my condition but that was nothing compared to the amount of time I had suffered before hand. I am now able to enjoy gym activities without any problems and I can move much more easily. My general wellbeing seems much better too. I would recommend the clinic and chiropractic treatment to anyone. They have been very helpful and efficient.

~ Mr W.

I have suffered with pain in my back and down my right leg for about 5 years and more recently I developed pain in my neck. I have experienced difficulties in many physical activities as a result of this i.e. housework, bending, washing my car and walking. Previous treatments have included physiotherapy with very little improvement and a course of painkillers. I had not thought of chiropractic treatment until my mother recommended it to me. I arranged to see Mr Scott-Dawkins and after a short course of treatment I found that I had much less back pain and more movement in my neck. Mr Scott-Dawkins also recommended some simple daily exercises which were easy to do and resulted in me no longer needing painkillers. I have found chiropractic treatment a life changing experience and would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

~ Nursery Nurse

I suffered for over 6 months with pain in my ankle which was also affecting my knee and back. I had tried painkillers which did not treat the fundamental problem. A family member advised me to try chiropractic but I had doubts that it would be worth going. My first impression was that it was simple and painless, and I was advised to undertake a small sequence of exercises. I had complete pain relief and my body felt as if it had had a service. All my pain had gone from the problematic areas. I would advise anyone to see a chiropractor as soon as possible if you are in pain. For the type of problems I was having chiropractic was the right treatment for me and it worked.

~ Mr S.

Whilst I was pregnant with my twins 2½ years ago I developed lower back pain and pelvic pain. I had tried painkillers and even some physiotherapy before trying chiropractic treatment. I found out about Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic from my GP and then went onto the website. After 2 sessions I noticed an improvement and now enjoy playing with my twins and also running and gardening. These activities were very difficult before. I have also noticed that the headaches I was getting on one side of my head seemed to have got better as well. My family and friends have all been impressed with the progress I have made and the positive changes they have noticed. The staff are very friendly and approachable and I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic.

~ Mrs D.

I had suffered with mild symptoms of back and leg pain for about 2 weeks before I came to the clinic. I had visited my GP and after trying painkillers and anti-inflammatories he referred me here. After 2 weeks I started to notice an improvement in my condition and now find it much easier to walk, sleep and stand for longer periods of time. The staff have been friendly and helpful and my family have also noticed the improvements.

~ Mr J.

I was struggling with lower back pain for about 3 weeks and found it difficult to stand for more than about 20 minutes at a time. My GP recommended me to chiropractic treatment. Before I tried chiropractic treatment all I had done was balance resting with also trying to keep mobile. After 2 or 3 sessions I began to notice an improvement in my condition and have been able to return to my normal activities such as refereeing, playing football and coaching without pain afterwards. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the fact I am able to get an appointment to suit my work commitments is great. My friends are very surprised I am back playing football again.

~ Mr H.

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I Suffered with back and leg pain for several years and had tried pain killers and swimming in order to find some relief. I decided to try something else and found this clinic in Yellow Pages. After about 3 weeks I noticed an improvement in my condition and was surprised how many other people go to chiropractic clinics for similar problems. The staff are very friendly and there is little waiting around which is good if you are taking time off work to attend.

~ Mr G.

I had a road traffic accident which had caused me problems in my neck and lower back for 5 years. I had tried physiotherapy but only had short term comfort from it. Initially I had doubts about visiting a chiropractor but it was recommended by my physiotherapist and I was willing to try anything. After my first treatment I was amazed to find that I had no headaches for the first time in 5 years. Mr Scott-Dawkins recommended some stretching exercises as well as the treatments and to also use ice packs if I was a bit sore on my neck and back. The results have had such a positive effect on my life and I now feel much more human and rarely get headaches now. I can concentrate more at college and I cannot believe how good I feel after only a few sessions. My quality of life has improved enabling me to live life to the full. I would recommend anyone to visit a chiropractor if they are in pain ASAP. It has helped so much.

~ Miss H.

For approximately 5 years I had suffered with pain in my lower back. The muscles seemed very tight and I had problems getting out of my car or a chair. I had tried other methods of treatment but with limited effectiveness and I decided to give chiropractic a try. I had private medical insurance and thought anything was worth trying to get the problem sorted. I felt better immediately and improved after each treatment. The only occasional ‘blip’ occurred when I didn’t do the exercises recommended. Chiropractic treatment has given me more flexibility and mobility. I have no more pain and can play with my children properly. I would definitely recommend a chiropractor and also say that you should go at least once a year for an MOT. It is very effective and I will certainly make sure I attend for my yearly check up.

~ Mr E.

For months I had suffered with spasmodic pain in my left arm. I had tried painkillers and heat rubs but they only gave me temporary relief. My partner nagged me to try a chiropractor and I admit I was doubtful it could help me. My first impression was that it was very different from anything else I had tried before. The chiropractor recommended ice packs and rest initially. Over the two months that I have been seeing Mr Scott-Dawkins I have had relief from the spasm and the pain. My general wellbeing is better than before. I would recommend people to visit a chiropractor and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again.

~ Mrs N.

About 4 years ago I started getting back ache and this then led onto pain in my leg. I had been taking painkillers but they did not seem to be very effective and as I lived near to the clinic and pass by quite regularly I decided to give chiropractic treatment a try. It only took about a week for me to notice an improvement in my condition which was quicker than I expected. It has been very beneficial for me and it is great to feel I am getting back to normal at last. The staff are very friendly and I don’t usually have to wait long to see Craig. It has definitely helped me and I would recommend it to anyone.

~ Mrs O.