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Meet the Team at Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic

Craig Scott-Dawkins, Registered Chiropractor

“The biggest transformation in my chiropractic career has been learning Activator®”

Craig grew up in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa playing competitive sports in school. While playing rugby in high school, he injured his neck making an awkward tackle. His mother took him to a local chiropractor and he was immediately impressed with how quickly he improved. Within a few visits, Craig was able to get back on the field and enjoy playing again. After that, he would visit his chiropractor periodically for minor injuries and to stay healthy and active.

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At a career event at his high school, Craig learned about a new chiropractic course that was starting in South Africa. He applied to the highly competitive program and was one of only 30 students chosen from South Africa. After six years of intensive undergraduate studies, Craig graduated in 1996 with a Master’s degree, and soon after, moved to the UK. He worked at a large practice in Solihull for about four and a half years before starting his own practice in Warwick.

As the founder of Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic, Craig welcomes patients of all ages to discover safe and effective pain relief, naturally.

The most impressionable aspect of his post-graduate education was discovering the Activator Methods® technique in 2000. After attending an Activator® seminar where he learned how instrument adjusting affects the body, Craig decided to pursue the training and application of this technique.

He achieved his Advanced Proficiency rating in 2003. Since then, the Activator® is his preferred technique. Craig is a Clinical instructor, presenting at Activator® seminars since 2007 and is now the regional director of Activator® seminars in The UK. Over this time he has helped train hundreds of chiropractors in the UK and Europe in the benefits of instrument adjusting using the Activator Method. He regularly attends post graduate training both in the UK and USA updating his knowledge in the management of spinal problems and sports injuries.


  • Master’s degree in Technology: Chiropractic – 1996 (Technikon Natal, South Africa)
  • Registered Chiropractor
  • Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP) – 1998
  • Activator Methods® Clinical Instructor – 2007
  • Activator® Advanced Proficiency Rated Chiropractor – 2003
  • Member of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) – 1996
  • Member of the European Chiropractic Association (ECU)
  • Registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) Reg. No: 00402
  • Clinic Director

Craig is married with three boys, James, Kristian and Leo. He and his wife, Jane, stay busy striving to raise a healthy family. Craig has enjoyed karate for over five years and achieved his Black belt in 2014.

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Maria Houghton, Massage Therapist

Maria has 17 years of experience in beauty and massage therapy, having trained all over the country. She has extensive experience and currently runs her own beauty and massage therapy business locally.

With her vast experience, she will put you at ease and can adapt her massage techniques to suit your needs helping you feel great again.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Maria has an avid interest in home interior design, keeping fit by going to the gym and loves her cats!

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Jenna Puszyk, Sports Therapist

Jenna is an experienced wholistic therapist specialising in Acupressure & Deep tissue massage, as well as foot reflexology. She is passionate about helping clients to heal themselves naturally and teach them how to use these techniques on themselves, to live their life as healthily & pain free as possible.

Acupressure is similar to Acupuncture as it works on the same acupressure points and energy meridians, but instead of using needles, she uses her hands, palms and elbows to release tension knots in the body by deeply stimulating the affected area. She compliments the treatment with deep tissue massage to break down any lingering tension.

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Many clients liken the massage technique to the same depth as a sports massage and usually experience some immediate relief to chronic pain and feel calmer post treatment, with the full benefits within 48 hours. Due to the nature of her technique, hour-long sessions are advisable to experience the best results from the treatment, depending on how chronic the condition is.

Reflexology works by using precise pressure on specific points on the tops & soles of the feet that relate to a full map of all your organs and glands. The nature of the therapy makes this a total body treatment. There are several benefits of using the feet to treat the body. 1. When the conditions or symptoms of the body are too sensitised to have manual manipulation directly to the area. 2. It can help identify other areas of the body that might be out of balance and may need further attention. 3. It can be a very relaxing experience!

She currently works with Craig and his chiropractic patients on a Wednesday morning and alternate Friday afternoons and sees her own patients in the clinic on a Monday morning from 10-1.30pm. Please contact the reception on 01926 889558 to check her availability and book a 60 minute session.


Caitlin Penn, Sports Therapist

Caitlin, is a Sports and Exercise Therapy graduate from Southampton Solent University having graduated in 2020. She is originally from Surrey but following studying and working in Southampton and Bournemouth, she relocated to Balsall Common earlier this year with her partner Loz and their dog, Murphy.

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She has always been passionate about sport from a young age, having participated in cricket, netball, athletics, badminton and horse riding. She achieved county level in hockey at age 18 but more recently has taken up rugby and now plays for The Old Silhilians Sirens.

She has a great passion for helping people, having previously worked in the care industry for many years. Thankfully, her role as a sports therapist allows her to do both things that she is passionate about.

She will be working with Craig and his chiropractic patients all day Monday and Friday mornings and will be seeing her own patients in the clinic on Thursday afternoons and evenings (2-7pm) initially. Please contact reception on 01926 889558 to check availability and book either a 30 or 60 minute session.

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