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Additional Services at Heathcote Chiropractic Clinic

Other Servies We Offer

  • Activator Methods® Technique: We focus primarily in the Activator Methods® technique, a low-force instrument adjusting technique that is very gentle. Craig Scott-Dawkins, Registered Chiropractor, has been an Advanced Proficiency rated Activator® chiropractor since 2003 and has been teaching other chiropractors since 2007. He has presented seminars in the UK, Ireland and France since 2007 as a Clinical Instructor for Activator Methods® International (AMI). In 2014, he was appointed Regional Director of Europe for AMI.
  • Computerised GaitScan™: TOG GaitScanThis scan in addition to a Biomechanical assessment may give an indication as to why you may benefit from orthotics. It can show if one foot is functioning differently to the other or areas where there is high pressure in your feet. Craig was the first chiropractor in the area to introduce GaitScan™ foot scanning technology in 2004. He has been assessing feet and using orthotics since 1998.
  • Exercises: A structured exercise programme may be of benefit to your recovery. Initially stretches to focus on flexibility and mobility and thereafter, strengthening exercises . Once your condition is stable, we’ll encourage exercises like Pilates to help stabilise you so you can stay well.
  • Functional Taping: We may utilize different taping techniques , like KT, Kinesio or Functional taping to aid your chiropractic care if deemed appropriate.
  • Kinnective: This is a specially designed tool which may be used to assist in treating muscle, ligament and tendon problems (soft tissues). It can help to release tension and improve blood flow to the area. It has been widely used in sports injury treatment and was used on some athletes in the 2012 Olympics.
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Guidance: We can offer advice on making smarter choices when it comes to diet and lifestyle. We offer a 12 week program for patients, Wellbeing testing including the wellbeing Age Assessment, and Metabolic testing that can point you towards an eating plan.
  • Sports Rehabilitation: We have a fantastic team of Sports Rehabilitation team members that are ready to help you rehab from injuries, and strengthen your body to avoid performance injuries in the future. Acupressure as well as foot reflexology, taping, and therapeutic exercises are a few of the services we have available to help you perform better.

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